Le Tour Du Hack 2020
20th and 21st of March 2020
Craiglockhart Campus, Edinburgh


Le Tour Du Hack is ENUSEC’s, Edinburgh Napier University Security Society, annual flagship event. The goal of Le Tour Du Hack is to educate attendees on cybersecurity through engaging, innovative and unique ways. The first Le Tour Du Hack took place in 2017 as a weekend face-to-face CTF competition aimed at students interested in cybersecurity within the Edinburgh area.

Le Tour Du Hack 2019 was a sell-out success, welcoming 230 students and professionals with a student-led CTF followed by by a student-led CTF. We plan on taking this momentum forward into #LTDH20. For 2020 we’ll be having the CTF on Friday and the conference on Saturday.

The first day will be familiar to those who have attended Le Tour previously, an entirely student led and organised Capture the Flag event, focusing on engaging, practical and technical content. We plan on seeing hundreds of students, as well as professionals, coming together from all over the UK to learn and develop their skills, competing over the day in numerous varied & intense challenges. The CTF will take place in Craiglockhart Chapel.


The educational ethos which has always underpinned Le Tour Du Hack will carry over to this conference. There is no better example of this than our 2nd track to students speakers, thus providing the opportunity for students to gain public speaking experience.


Last year we learned that networking can be a daunting task for some students, so for 2020 we plan on integrating a food spread, beverages, and cocktail tables in the same space as our sponsor booths in order to encourage conversation.


Tickets are available in batches via the Eventbrite page here!

Follow @enusec to keep up to date on drops!


Why is it called Le Tour Du Hack?

ENUSEC was started by a small handful of students and staff from Edinburgh Napier University. The concoction of french speakers, hackers and cycling enthusiasts within this collective resulted in the name “Le Tour Du Hack”.

Do I need to be a student to attend LTDH20?

No! Both days are open to all. However, the CTF is aimed at students but professionals and noobs alike are more than welcome.

What do I need to bring?

For the conference you will just need your ticket! For the CTF you’ll need your ticket, laptop, and charger! A Kali Linux virtual machine will be useful too! Don’t worry if you can’t set this up yourself, event staff will be on hand to help you out!


Code of Conduct

ENUSEC abides and enforces the Berlin Code of Conduct, this same Code of Conduct will apply to all attendees of #LTDH19. By doing so we hope this facilitates an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Call for Sponsors

Our event couldn’t happen without support from the industry. ENUSEC is ran as a not-for-profit and the support from the industry has been instrumental in enabling students to provide & attend in the United Kingdom. Our links to the student community provide an excellent employment opportunities for awesome, modern organisations.

You can read more about our event, the work we do & the support we need here!


The Team


Will Bowditch MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics


James Angus 3rd Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics


Karl Johnston 3rd Year BEng Computer Systems & Networks


Jonathan Robertson 4th Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics

Social Events Officer

Rebecca Stewart 4th Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics

Media Officer

Lewis Watson 1st Year BSc Computer Science


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