ENUSEC is a student society interested in all aspects of security. The society was started in 2015 by a small collective of students and staff associated with the excellent cybersecurity courses at Edinburgh Napier University. The goal of the society was, and still is, to provide the students and surrounding cybersecurity practitioners with an outlet for them further their learning and understanding as well as to foster a friendly community.

The society boasts over 70 active members, who have an exemplary track record of attending, presenting, hosting and competing at events worldwide. Despite our association with Edinburgh Napier University, our events and membership are open to all, student or not.

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23 May 2018 . . Introducing the Cyber Security Societies Directory Comments

Introducing the Cyber Security Societies Directory

To aid interaction and collaboration, ENUSEC has created a public directory containing all the cyber security societies across the country. This directory is available on our GitHub!

A problem which occurred during the compiling this list was difficulty in determining if a society was focused on cyber security. When a first draft list was compiled, it contained over 30 societies. However, on further investigation some of these societies who appeared to be more general computing focused or simply CTF teams.

If you feel that your society should be on this...



In the news

The contributions ENUSEC makes to the cybersecurity community have not gone unnoticed. Several media outlets have published our efforts so far...

press packet

ENUSEC strives towards fostering an inclusive and rewarding community around security. If you wish to publish an article about our efforts so far, please download our press pack COMING SOON!.


Co-operation is a key for ENUSEC to deliver intellectually stimulating and enriching experiences. Luckily due to our location within the bustling tech-hub of Edinburgh, ENUSEC has been able to collaborate with exciting startups and renowned industry leaders.


Charley Célice
Senior penetration tester, Secarma

"Having founded the Society in 2015, I am ecstatic to see how it has grown since then. From about a dozen of passionate students, I often look back with emotion and see how far it has come with the help and energy of so many. I trust it will live long and have high hopes in its current committee, as well as future ones, to take it to the next levels."

"When creating ENUSEC with Charley Celice at the beginning of 2015, we had no idea if it would be popular, how long it would last, or if it would be at all useful. The aim of the society was not only to encourage students with an interest in cyber security and help with technical skills. The community ethos which the society was based on was intended to bring together undergrad and postgrad students from across the years of the various courses to support each other, as well as to interact with the growing wider infosec community. I'm amazed at efforts by all the students who have been involved over the years and how far we have come, with some amazing large scale events, strong integration with industry, the current variety of weekly ENUSEC activities, working with other cyber societies, and competing in events all over the UK, but more than anything the social and community aspects involving students and alumni is inspirational."

Rich Macfarlane

MSc Course Leader, Edinburgh Napier University

Bill Buchanan OBE

Professor, Edinburgh Napier University

"One of the things we are most proud of is our students and graduates. ENUSEC thus showcases our students at their best, and as smart and confident individuals who work together. They have pride in their work and have a strive towards excellence in both their academic study and in their advancements in Cybersecurity. Within ENUSEC there is a positive attitude in the pursuit of gaining knowledge from others, and also to freely share their knowledge with others. We also see the leaders of our future evolving within ENUSEC, and with individuals who have a dedication to build a more secure and robust world."

“I am delighted to see the society's constant progression over the years. We started as a small group, doing CTF on the side, and at the time, going to the pub was an event. Now it has grown to be a connection between Napier and the wider Infosec community and reaches far wider than we ever thought it initially would.”

Alex Arbelet

Senior penetration tester, Secarma


Day to Day administration of the society is bestowed upon the 7 member committee.


Jamie O'Hare MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics


Charlie Hosier 2nd Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics


Euan McFadzean 2nd Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics


Marc Mcintosh 2nd Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics

Technical Officer

Scott Bean 3rd Year BEng Cybersecurity and Forensics

Social Events Officer

Max Van Kralingen MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics

Media Officer

Orestis Christou MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics


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